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Fear and suffering are rampant in today's world.  Many people exist in an almost constant state of anxiety and despair.

Relief is possible when life is lived The Ok Way.

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Understand 'your' purpose and everything else will fall into place.

Learn how to experience peace and joy in life by discovering what 'you' are and why 'you're' here.

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Optimum Health - Peace of Mind - Abundance - Fulfilling Relationships - Conscious Awareness - Life's True Purpose

Life lived The OK Way.

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Here are samples from the book that you can preview below. You can scroll up and down and select different chapters.


Chapter 1: What is really going on?

Dear Reader:   I am hoping that you picked up this book because of the title and because you are curious as to how I have come to make such a claim.   Over the years, as I watched the level of fear in the minds of myself and others increase, I was compelled to ask myself, “What the heck is going on?  Why is there still so much pain and suffering in the world?”  You, as well, may be seeking the answers to these questions.

At one point, I could clearly see that all of humankind’s efforts to bring a state of peace to the world were failing miserably.  The people for whom I voted and whom I believed to be in charge of running things seemed unable to make any permanent changes in the ills plaguing society.  I am not blaming the politicians.  I believe that many of society’s problems lie in the design of the monetary system and the system that we use to govern ourselves.  I understand that, right now, those are the systems they have at their disposal.  But if they turned their attention towards repairing the design flaws in the system, rather than looking for flaws in each other or for ways by which to increase financial gains for a select few at the expense of others, maybe all citizens could have a more joy-filled life experience.

Arla Casey

Chapter 1: Crazy Talk

It’s all going to be OK.

So what allows me to make this statement?  What do I believe and/or know that enables me to offer such an assurance?  What if you were to know the same things – and then adopt this same belief system?  Would you also be able to make such a statement?  Would you live a life not just hoping this is true but knowing this is true?  What would your life be like if you knew for certain that everything was always going to be OK?  And living a life from this perspective, would you then also be able to offer such certain assurance and comfort to others?

Let’s see, shall we?

What if I were to tell you that all the things you do and say don’t really have the meaning that you think they do?  What if I were to add that you are here simply to have experiences, that your life experience here is like a trip to some foreign land?  This is not your permanent home and you don’t have to stay here forever.  When the trip is over you will go back to your real home – the place where you are always safe and secure.  Would that relax you somewhat?  Would that make the ‘trip’ easier to experience?

Rachel Casey

Chapter One: The World is Black or White

The world we live in today appears to be very black or white.  There are good people or bad people; there are good experiences or bad experiences.  Some people seem to have easy lives, while others appear to struggle.  Why is this?  What do all of these statements and observations have in common?  They are all opposites of one another.  These statements all reflect the world’s current perception of reality.  This perception is that of a world of duality.

But what does this mean, to live in a world of duality?

What must first be acknowledged is that a world of duality can serve a great purpose.  Duality is all about balance; when living in a state of duality one cannot experience great happiness without the experience of great sadness.  If one were to be happy all the time, one would not appreciate the joys in life and therefore not experience that joy to its fullest.  In this light, a world of duality can be viewed as a good thing because it has the potential to teach us to be humble and appreciative of life.  However, more often than not, people do not embrace the potential provided by living in a state of duality and resort to the negative way of living in this state.

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The Ok Way is BOTH conceptual and practical in nature.  It is both a set of beliefs AND a method of incorporating those beliefs into a person's everyday life experience, thereby creating a way of life that has each individual knowing and experiencing a life that is OK!

Adopting a particular perspective is the initial requirement needed in order to experience 'The Ok Way' in its completeness.

The Ok Way began with a multi-generational group of women with a desire to offer comfort and support to people.  The book, "It's All Going to Be Ok", was the result of this desire.  That initial publication has branched out into a series of other services in the form of seminars, podcasts, coaching, c.d.'s, d.v.d.'s, Ok Way TV (Youtube), Facebook and a host of other Ok Way related services and merchandise.

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Chapter Overviews


Today most humans are living their lives in a modern, physically developed world while still in the primitive mental state of being consciously unaware of their true nature and identity. When the human form remembers that it is the Conscious Awareness of Source as Form, there will be an understanding that any apparent difference or separation from any other form is an illusion.

However, simply being mentally aware is not enough; action is required. Humans must treat everyone and everything with the relevant respect arising from the knowledge that they are always relating to Source as Form – no matter how it appears. When this Conscious Awareness is consistently applied to all without exception, this Consciously Aware Form will mentally and physically experience the faster vibrations we know as love, joy, and peace. When these vibrations are continuously experienced, it can now be said that this particular Form has attained the fastest vibrational state physically possible to experience, called Enlightenment.

Section I – Chapter I – What is really going on?

“What the heck is going on? Why is there still so much pain and suffering in the world?” You, as well, may be seeking the answers to these questions.

Section I – Chapter II – Processing Information

Today in our western culture, we say that the definition of insanity is for one to continue doing the same thing over and over, all the while expecting a different result.

Section I – Chapter III – In The Beginning

Source/God created this universe and everything in it, both seen and unseen. Source created a world where It could be a physical Form and relate to other unique forms of Itself at the fast vibrational level of PEACE

Section I – Chapter IV – More on Energy Vibrations

At this time, I would like to refer to the literary work of Source as Form, known as David Hawkins, and its book called Power vs. Force.

Section I – Chapter V – Beyond Belief is Conscious Awareness

It is when reaching the vibrational level of awareness that each particular Form can be said to be Consciously Aware and has an inner knowing that “It is all going to be OK!”

Section I – Chapter VI – The Story Identity

The reason I have included this chapter is because I believe it is necessary to have a very good understanding about what the Storyidienty/Ego really is.

Section I – Chapter VII – More of the Story

Up until now, humankind has been questioning its true nature leaving it wondering: Who am I? Where did I come from? And why am I here?

Section I – Chapter VIII – Choosing Your Vibration

This Form named JeweEl is now going to ask you an important question: WHAT IS IT THAT YOU REALLY WANT??? Many of us have an instantaneous answer, but what I am looking for is an answer that you have really thought about for a time, even as long as a week.

Section II – Chapter I – Crazy Talk

So what allows me to make this statement? What do I believe and/or know that enables me to offer such an assurance? What if you were to know the same things – and then adopt this same belief system?

Section II – Chapter II – Do You Really Want to Know?

So, how does one do this? Well, the first step is being open to receiving and examining new ideas. (There’s a ton of information available that will provide greater depth to your understanding of the life experience here.

Section II – Chapter III – Boarding Call

Typically, it is a desire for peace that gets things started; an internal sense that things really don’t have to be so stressful all the time. This longing for peace – or even for five minutes of relief – allows for a shift in thinking to occur. And it’s this shift in thinking that is the key to the whole process!

Section II – Chapter IV – He Who Has the Question(s)

From the moment humans evolved to the point where they became self-aware and developed language, they began to ask questions. They have been ask- ing questions ever since. There is a reason that asking questions is part of a human life experience in this dimension of physical form.

Section II – Chapter V – Good Vibrations

The rate or speed at which something vibrates is its frequency. Everything is a vibrational frequency. Emotions/states of being are also vibrational frequencies — as opposed to possessing a frequency.

Section II – Chapter VI – The “Right” Question

It is important to note here that the phrasing of the question is integral to the whole process. Note that the question asked and answered a moment ago was: “What am I?” not, “Who am I?” This is very, very, very important! The question “Who am I?” is often seen as synonymous with the question, “What am I?”

Section II – Chapter VII – Trippin’ Out

If the main purpose of Life here can be summed up in just this one sentence and it really is that ‘simple’, then you might wonder why this does not appear to be happening. Well, it goes back to those two very different experiential paths mentioned earlier.

Section II – Chapter VIII – Relief: Belief with Benefits

Take a deep breath and relax into the knowledge that ‘you’ are not a separate identity. Realize that nothing ‘you’ do or don’t do here really means anything beyond the experience itself. Life here really is just like taking a trip. Nothing can change ‘What’ ‘you’ are and ‘Why’ ‘you’ are here.

Section II – Chapter IX – Pack Your Bags

Aside from the strictly ‘personal’ relief one will experience by adopting the beliefs outlined in this book and applying them to one’s life experience, there are a few other benefits that will emerge as well. Others will be affected by this shift in ‘your’ perspective. Relationship experiences will change dramatically. No longer will it be possible to view any other person as separate from yourself.

Section III – Chapter I – The World is Black or White

The world we live in today appears to be very black or white. There are good people or bad people; there are good experiences or bad experiences. Some people seem to have easy lives, while others appear to struggle.

Section III – Chapter II – The World is {___________}

If living in a world of duality as discussed in the previous chapter isn’t for you, then what are your options? Do you have any alternatives? Well let me say something: “Congratulations!” The very fact that you are actively seeking out alternatives will make your perception of the world change.

Section III – Chapter III – The World is Gray and Black and White

I would like to introduce an exercise where you ask yourself how you feel at this moment in your life. Are you happy? Are you content? Or are you disappointed? Maybe even ashamed? Do you have regrets? The adults in my life have always said, “If I knew then what I know now, I would have done things differently.”

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Messages from readers

Yvonne Kwang - Author of Discover Cambodia

Yvonne Kwang - Author of Discover Cambodia

The youth of today NEED this information! A must read.

Harry Sardinas - Author of Climbing Big Ben

Harry Sardinas - Author of Climbing Big Ben

A work to be treasured. Its unique multi-generational perspectives bring a much needed sense of connection, harmony and caring to an otherwise seeming world of isolation, discord and indifference.

Lynn-Raquel Welsh - Author of Don’t Act Your Age

Lynn-Raquel Welsh - Author of Don’t Act Your Age

Generation gap—what generation gap? When it comes to technology and music you may be able to claim a definite gap, but when it comes to conscious awareness clearly it bridges all time and generational perspective.


About the Authors



JeweEl has been a widow since 2001 after 42 years of marriage, the mother of two and the grandmother of one.  She lives in Keswick, Ontario, Canada, with her family.  JeweEl has had a colourful and varied life experience.  Business owner, radio show host, political candidate, all while on the path of personal development which included two, one-month-long trips to an Indian ashram.

The last 20 years she has spent discovering the information included in this book and is planning to present seminars.




Arla Casey

At age 17 Arla met JeweEl.  Thus began what would become a life altering relationship.  What was initially a mentor/student experience grew into a deep and treasured friendship between equals.

A graduate of Trent University with a Bachelors degree in both English Literature and Anthropology, Arla has spent the last 25 years in the active pursuit of enlightenment; learning about everything from crystals and karma to meditation and various Eastern philosophies.  Until one day she finally stopped seeking — and paradoxically found everything!

A respected published author, Arla currently resides in Keswick, Ontario, Canada, preparing to embark on an instructional speaking career.



Rachel Casey

Rachel, a published author at sixteen, was delighted when asked to contribute to the writing of this book.  Ever since Writer’s Guild during her high school years, writing has been her primary form of expression and, when the opportunity presented itself, she was thrilled to participate as a co-author and founding member of The Ok Way team.

Rachel attended Seneca College for an independent musician program and is currently attending Lakehead University for an HBaBScBEd. degree intending to major in psychology.  She hopes to lead seminars and launch youth counseling courses.


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